Bail - Bond Process,  in Lexington County S. C.

Lexington County Bond Court is Located at 521 Gibson Rd. Lexington,
S.C. 29072 this is the Court Room located between the Lexington County
Sheriff’s Office and the Lexington County Detention Center.

Telephone number    
803-785-8471             Fax  Number   803-785-8356

Regular Business Hours of the Court are :   
         Monday  through  Friday  
             9:00  am.- 5:00  pm
         Saturday  and  Sunday
            10:00 am - 2:00  pm.

Bond Court Hearings are scheduled to begin at  9:00 am and  again  at
3:00 pm Monday  through  Friday. On  Saturday  and  Sunday,  Bond  Court
begins at 10:00 am and continues until 2:00pm .On County  Holidays  the
Presiding Judge, at his discretion,  may change the hours of Bond Court.  
In most cases when the hours are changed, Bond Court is held from 9:00am
until 12:00 pm on that day. If you have questions as to the time of Bond
Court on any Holiday, you should call the Lexington Detention Center at
803-785-2740  or  803-785-2741  and ask what hours Bond Court is being
held on that day. You should not call these numbers to ask when an individual
is going to be released from the Detention Center.
There is no person in any
position that can tell you what time a person will be released. To call and ask
will only delay the process.

While Bond Court Offices are open from 9:00am until 5:00pm, Monday
through Friday and bond can be posted during this time, there is not always
a Judge present in the Court Room and an Order to Discharge (release) the
person from jail can not be issued at the time Bond is posted with the court.
The Detention Center has
four hours to release an individual, however this four
hour count does not start until the Detention Center has received this Order to
Discharge (release).

Bond Court is held for the purpose of setting Bail and a Court Date for the
accused. No evidence is presented by anyone and no witness is allowed to
make any statement at this time. Only the victim of the crime, if any, is
allowed to make any statement to the court. An attorney being present in
Bond Court and speaking on behalf of the accused is limited as to what he
or she is allowed to say. This is not a Criminal Trial and the guilt or innocence
of the accused is not an issue at this time. The  presiding Judge will never
ask the accused if he/she is guilty or innocent.

If you have reason to go to Lexington County Bond Court, upon arrival have
a seat in the lobby. An Officer or Employee of the Court will come out into the
lobby, explain the process, rules of conduct, and answer any questions you
have at that time. That is answer up to the point that the Court/Law allows.

Persons arrested by Batesburg-Leesville Police are detained at B-L Police
Department and are required to appear before a Batesburg-Leesville Judge
for a Bond Hearing. After a Bond Hearing is held all Persons are transported
to the Lexington County Detention Center or the Saluda County Detention
Center, depending on the county where the arrest was made. Bond must be
posted with the Batesburg-Leesville Judges at The B - L Municipal Court
Building which is located inside the Police Department on West Columbia Ave.
For the time of  Bond Court there you should call the B -L Police at
4408 .( Most weekdays court is at 8am and 5pm)
Once bond is posted the
Order of discharge must be taken to the proper detention center.

City of Columbia Police :
The northwestern edge of Columbia City Limits is in Lexington County. This
is the area around Columbian Mall/ Harbison area. If you are arrested in this
area, you will be taken to the City of Columbia Police Department and held
there until you appear in bond court. Bond Court for the City of Columbia is
located at 811 Washington Street, next door to the Police Department .The
phone number for the City of Columbia Bond Court is
After bond court, you will have a short time to post bond there, if you fail to
post bond you will be transported to the Lexington County Detention Center by
a City of Columbia Police officer. Bond may be posted in Columbia at the
above location, Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm. Holidays and
weekends 6:00 am to 12:00pm.

When bond is posted after a person has been transported to the Lexington
County Detention Center, a City of Columbia Police Officer must deliver the
order of discharge to the Lexington County Detention Center. There are times
that the process could take several hours. This time is in addition to the
normal four hours that the Detention Center has to release the person.
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