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                                               Frequently asked questions

What does a Bail Bondsman do?

The Bail Bondsman provides the amount of bail (money) required by the court, to secure the release of the
principal/defendant. In the process of posting this bail the bondsman guarantees that the money will be paid
to the court if the principal/defendant fails to appear in court and cannot be located by the bondsman in the
time allowed by the court. In most cases this guarantee by the bondsman is backed up by an insurance
company that the bondsman pays to insure the amount of bail. Once the bail is posted the bondsman
becomes the surety and as such is responsible for the conduct of the principal/defendant until such time the
court has disposed of the case or the surety has recommitted the principal/defendant and has been properly
relieved as surety by the court.

What is an Indemnitor (or co-signer)?

As the indemnitor ( co-signer)  you assume the liability (through a Legal Contract) for any amount of money
paid to the court, as a result of the principal/defendant's failure to appear in court. This contract would make
you financially liable to the insurance company who insured the bail bond. In the signing of this contract you
guarantee that you will be able to provide the exact location of the individual if they fail to appear in court.
Simply put, you are responsible to provide the location of the individual and the responsibility of the
bondsman is to arrest and return the person to the detention center.As an Indemnitor (co-signer), you do not
have this authority. Depending on the amount of bail you may also be required to provide some type of
collateral. This is done in order to give the surety leverage in the event the principal/defendant fails to appear
and you fail to cooperate in locating the individual. You are responsible for producing the defendant or
location of the defendant if he/she fails to appear.

How long can someone be out on bond?

It is not unusual for a person to be out on bond for a period of three or more years, however most cases are
cleared up within a few weeks or months. Other than traffic violations, very few cases are disposed of on the
first appearance in court.

What if after I am out on bond and I enter a pretrial program such as P.T.I.?

Even though a defendant is in a pretrial program such as P.T.I., Drug Court or Anger Management, a
bondsman can still arrest the defendant for any violation of his/her bond conditions and return them to the
proper detention center, if the court has not relieved the bondsman as surety.

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